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We work as one team towards our single goal, which is achieving excellence in everything we do.

Our roles take us through the entire aircraft from airframe structures to engines and avionics. One of our primary jobs is offering a quality product to our passengers and our aircraft cabins reflect that.

We look for people who are open to new challenges and the ability to move from one discipline to another, from operational areas to design and development to procurement and managing large volume contracts. We look for people who work collaboratively, who have strong leadership capability and professionalism and people who really care about doing a great job.

From boarding the plane to its final descent, the product we supply is essential to the experience that brings our customers back to us time and time again. Constantly preserving one of our most important assets – our fleet – Certified Engineers are responsible for ensuring each aircraft is fit for service prior to departure.

A very versatile role, the Duty Maintenance Manager divides a typical work day with team management and development, customer liaison, station administration and aircraft maintenance, therefore, in order to be a success in this role teamwork and excellent communication skills are essential.

Aircraft Mechanics work closely with Certified Engineers to fix any discrepancies the aircraft encounters throughout the flight including servicing engine oil, tires, and hydraulics systems. It’s imperative that Mechanics have a knack for detail because their work ensures the aircraft arrives and departs safely with 100% serviceability and in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.

The SMM is responsible for all the daily engineering activities on the station and acts as the focal point of contact for all departments, local airports, aviation authorities and 3rd party airlines. Some duties of the SMM include staffing, formulating annual budgets, conducting regular station audits and ensuring facilities, vehicles, tooling and equipment are maintained to a high standard.

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