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The support teams that help to keep us red on the inside.

Our people are at the heart of our brand and the HR team’s challenge is to ensure we are as “red on the inside as we are on the outside”. This isn’t always easy – we are an international business with a lot to live up to, so it’s essential to be involved in co-creating our future. In order to deliver the right business support, the HR team needs to be not only passionate about people but also commercially savvy; after all, we think of ourselves as business people as well as HR people.

At Virgin Atlantic, the finance department plays a critical role in strategic planning and budget forecasting. We rely on the finance team to oversee financial planning and management activities including reconciliations, reporting, compliance, credit and collections and ensuring there are enough funds available to meet the demands of the business.

In addition, they help managers successfully meet compliance obligations with best practices, while focusing on profit-building for the company. Members of our finance department are devoted to the task of figuring out how to allocate assets to maximize the Company’s profits. We count on our finance team to serve as a resource to assist mangers in the running of the business.

From our receptionists to our engineers, our Cabin Crew to our contact center staff, everyone at Virgin Atlantic relies on some form of IT to do their job. Add that to the fact we’re a global organization made up of various specialist areas and you can see why IT plays such a starring role in our success.

It’s up to us to implement innovations that our customers will love. It’s our responsibility to help our people do their job as seamlessly as possible. By making brilliant use of technology we can deliver even better products and services and create a better place to work.

This team is vital to our business success and is responsible for working in collaboration with our joint venture partner Delta, to drive all aspects of North America commercial performance. They achieve this through constant analysis and deep understanding of our customers, competition and economy which informs our strategy and plans for each sales channel.

It is important that the people that work in our Sales & Distribution team have natural curiosity, understand how to maximize revenue opportunities and know how to work with partners and customers to take action.

The market is fast moving and our competitors ever changing, so our sales people must possess the ability to be really proactive, adopting a mix of short and long-term actions to achieve growth.

We recognize the importance of having the right people in the right roles and the qualities we need include an ability to focus on the future, with the flexibility to adapt to change.

Strong relationship management and communication skills are vital, as it’s your role to retain and develop existing client relationships, and to develop and grow new relationships.
A positive, flexible and committed approach to the role is important, as is the ability to deal with a great deal of responsibility.

If you’ve got all this, plus integrity and our Virgin Atlantic “can do” mentality, then you could be just the person we need in sales.

As champions of the Virgin Atlantic brand, we’re passionate about sharing our customer story in a creative and engaging way. Born from a need to shake things up and do things differently, we challenge ourselves daily to pioneer new ways to bring our brand to life for our customers.

From design and communications to advertising and public relations – we’re a dynamic team with a lot of moving parts. Some of our most memorable campaigns have come from within so we rely on every member of our integrated team to bring to life the very best ideas.

You’ll need to be a team player with a knack for creativity and an innovative spirit. Strong communication skills are essential along with the ability to multi-task while managing tight deadlines. We’re extremely passionate about our brand and the products and services behind it so we look for teammates with the same enthusiasm.

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